Services & Repair



Parts4Laser provides full service and repair for most cosmetic laser equipment. With an experienced team of engineers and skills laser technicians we can put your laser equipment back in business with no downtime.

Parts4laser is one of the leading company in the cosmetic laser repair, all of our technician are certified, we use all original parts and make sure to bring your machine according to company specification.

Our customers include Physicians, MedSpa owners and Cosmetic Laser Spas. Parts4Laser is committed to keep your laser equipment up and running, in most cases at the same day so you can keep running an efficient practice and prevent costly cancellations.

Parts4Laser provides full field services and can repair your laser equipment on-site we also provide pickup and delivery in case repair need to be done at our technician Lab.

We  service and repair aesthetic and cosmetic laser equipment

  • Alma
  • Candela
  • Cutera
  • Cynosure
  • Hoya Con Bio, Medlite
  • Lumenis
  • Palomar
  • Sciton
  • Syneron
  • Zimmer, Cryo

Parts4Laser carry a full range of replacement parts for most laser brands like Candela, Cynosure, Syneron, Palomar, Alma , Cutera, Lumenis and Sciton.

Parts4Laser Repairs and services your Laser Equipment according to manufacturer specifications.

Parts4Laser is also available for emergency call maintenance service and repair.

Parts4Laser recommends a preventive Maintenance service for your laser equipment on a regular basis so your business can keep running, generating revenue and providing great service to your customers.

Parts4Laser offers a great range of repair and services for most laser equipment. We rebuild the laser head, replace flash lamps, repair laser and IPL hand pieces, repair high voltage power supply, replace optic and laser windows, and preform laser calibration at very competitive prices.

Parts4Laser also supply consumables for most laser machines, we carry a great range of products in stock and can ship within the same day.
Some of our consumables products include:

  • Candela windows
  • Candela distance gauges
  • Candela Cryogen
  • Candela fiber optic cable
  • Syneron velashape applicator
  • Syneron velashape Velaspary
  • Cynosure windows and optics
  • And many more.

At Parts4Laser we believe you should pay only for the repair and service we preform. Parts4Laser
does not tie you up in any kind of yearly service contract which you pay even if your equipment is fine, thus having your money go down the drain.

Parts4Laser only charges for repairs and services we provide for your laser equipment.

Parts4Laser can also provide you with on-site training programs for your laser technicians and on site installation for your laser equipment.


Here is some of the hand pieces that we can provide full service and reapir

Palomar IPL -IPL-Lux Y™ | Lux Ys™ | Lux R™ | Lux Rs™ | Lux G™ | Lux V™ | Starlux ICON | Starlux 300 | Starlux 500 | Medilux | EsteLux | 1064 YAG | 1540 Fractional 

Alma Laser IPL – Harmony XL | Soprano XL | High Power 2940 Pixel | Lovely | Lovely II | AFT-420™ | AFT-540™ | AFT-570™ | AFT-650™ | SST | SHR

Cutera – Prowave 770 | Limelight | Titan XL | Titan V | OPS 600 | LP560 | AcuTip 500 for the Xeo & Solera laser systems. 

Lumenis – Lumenis One IPL and YAG | Epilight | New Style Epilight | SR | Quantum – 560nm | 590nm | 640nm, 695nm | 755nm for the Quantum SR/DL/HR | Vasculight & Epilight laser | Aestilight | D-Lite | ClearLight | 

Syneron -Syneron HR | Syneron SRA | Syneron DS | Syneron ST (Refirme) | Syneron Comet Diode-Clear Preventive Maintenance Error.

Sciton- BBL- ND:YAG Laser Head | Erbium: YAG Laser Head

palomar starlux hand piece