Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?


Having been in the cosmetic laser equipment business for several years, we encounter this question frequently during any trade shows we attend with doctors and medical spa owners. So is it worth it? We strongly believe so.

Well, if you are interested in a permanent hair removal solution, laser hair removal is the way to go. It is safe, virtually painless, and very effective. Obviously there are other factors to consider when choosing to undergo laser hair removal treatments, but considering the results will last, it is our professional opinion that it is definitely worth it. Why? Because of how effective it is as a permanent hair reduction solution. When using the right equipment, the treatment frequency is reduced and results are achieved significantly faster.

What Do hair Reduction Lasers do Exactly?

The laser pulse is applied to the surface of the skin. It penetrates the skin, burning the hair follicle underneath, without damaging the surrounding tissue, and causing it to take a significantly longer time to re-grow. When it re-grows in approximately 4-6 months, it will be weakened. It is important to mention that several treatments (most patients 4-7 sessions) are required to achieve a more permanent result. The hair follicle will eventually regenerate, but it will be smaller, weaker, and the hair itself finer, until, with most patients, permanency is achieved. The number of treatments will vary person to person.

Typically, treatments will be required every 4-6 months. We recommend using the right laser for the right skin type, hair color, and area of the body to help ensure that treatment frequency is reduced and better results are achieved.

Alternatives to Laser Hair Removal

Alternatives to laser hair removal have been the norm until the introduction of the cosmetic laser hair removal. Alternatives include shaving, which comes with the risk of cutting yourself as well as the possibility of painful in-grown hairs. Furthermore, razors have become increasingly more expensive and it is strongly recommended that a sterile razor be used, as the re-use of the same razor can cause an infection on the skin.

The other alternative is waxing, which can be very painful and also comes with the risk of painful in-grown hairs. Moreover, it can be very expensive as it requires that it be done quite frequently to maintain the desired look.

This is why we strongly recommend laser hair removal. It is painless and effective if done right. Contact us and we will be happy to recommend a doctor or spa location in your area qualified to perform the procedures.

Risks of Laser Hair Removal

As with any medical procedure, and, laser hair removal can be considered a medical procedure, there are side effects. You can reduce the likelihood of these side effects and be better prepared to manage them if you choose the right doctor or technician to perform the procedure. Ensure that they are trained and qualified in the use of the machine. These machines can be dangerous if used by the wrong individual. This can result in burning the patient or causing permanent scaring. The technician will test the laser on a small part of the body to ensure that the right settings are being applied and no bad reaction occurs. Approximately 6-7 weeks of no tweezing, shaving, or waxing are required. Additionally, the technician will advise you to stay away from the sun before and after the procedure, as complications can occur, including redness, blistering (mostly darker skin tones), scarring, permanent scarring, and changes in skin color (very rare).

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