EVO Q64 Tenacity – Laser Machine – Q 64

We are now proud to say Parts4Laser and EVO Technologies have merged together to form the most comprehensive technology, sales, service, and customer support company in the industry.

EVO’s newest Q-Switched Yag laser system. EVO now not only offers the Q-Swtiched 1064/532 interchangeable hand piece for the Integra M7 multi-use platform, but also now offers a stand alone Q-Switched laser system. A more robust, and dedicated Q-Swithced laser system. Typically the Q64-Tenacity is for the higher volume tattoo removal clinics, or any clinic requiring more flexibility in powers, pulsing styles, and or speeds with a Yag system. The Q64-Tenacity Q-Switched laser system was developed to compete head to head with the well known Hoya ConBIo C6 machine. The EVO Q64 is Powerful, easy to use, EFFECTIVE, and VERY reliable. Our “HSHPM” (High Speed High Power, multi-pass) treatment method also removes the need to add and delete what are called “dye hand pieces”, such as what are needed on the C6. The Dye hand pieces often can be “clumsy” to change during treatments, but they often in need of repair, service, or replacement at thousands of dollars each. In conjunction often the additional manual removing and exchanging of tips (which often break) actually slows the clinician down, is MUCH more uncomfortable for the patient, and finally even many debate the actual efficacy of the dye hand pieces power and overall results/benefit. They tend to be time consuming with little or even no additional improvement. No more changing hand pieces, and frustration with mediocre results. And lets face the fact that tattoo removal is uncomfortable, and patient retention rates tend to be 50% or lower after first treatment. Why? Patients find the treatments uncomfortable and or take to long and never return for package. So not only easier and faster, and more effective for the clinician, but all faster, less uncomfortable for the patient. Which means THEY WILL ALSO COME BACK. The EVO, boy they think of everything. Quality, safety, reliability, 3-Year warranty, AND at an affordable price. EVO has done it again.

The Q64-Tenacity also has applications for hair removal, photo-rejuvenation, sun spot removal, tissue tightening “showering method”, vascular, and even toe nail fungus treatments. protocols. We are very versatile, effective, safe, reliable (3 Year Warranty), and yes affordable at under $49,000 New with the 3-Year warranty INCLUDED. Now you can buy new quality systems, at used prices, and with 3 years of guarantee on top of it all. No longer do you have to sacrificed quality for a lower price point. EVO offers AMAZING quality, at affordable prices, and with an all inclusive 3 year warranty program already figure in the sale prices.

EVO: Quality system, safety, quality results, reliable, 3-Year warranty, and again at affordable prices. At EVO we try to figure how we can give you the best laser, at the BEST PRICE, NOT what most manufacturers do, where the attitude is “lets see how high was can push customers to pay for this”, regardless of the customers needs for an affordable acquisition cost. Our model is quality, AND price. We price based upon minimum margin requirements to have a debt free, and profitable company, and STILL pass the saving on the the customer. That then line our pockets, we line YOURS, the customers. The way it should be.

One not is eVo is one of the VERY few if not only laser manufacturer that allows warranties to be fully transferable to a new owner or user, we also DO NOT charge phony Re-Certification fees for second hand users, and we offer service to anyone who owns one regardless of how they purchased. We feel this philosophy not only helps our customer retain more value in their equipment for longer, but does not penalize the new buyer, of the second hand owner. “Recertification fees, and owner transfer fees by other manufacturers are simply a ploy to either force a large payment to the manufacturer, or to force a new sale. In the end who is losing? THE CUSTOMER. The new buyers value is crushed as the used buy must pay heavy fees to “re-certify”, or strong armed into a new laser. Or they will refuse you service.

NO MORE says EVO! If you are part of the EVO family, we welcome you. Warranty follows the machine NOT the customer, is fully transferable at NO COST, and there are no hidden, and inflated transfer or owner change fees. And yes EVO even services ANY EVO owner regardless of where the system was purchased, new or used. Why? Because the other methods other manufacturers use, charging EXORBITANT fees to change ownership are just bad business, and only hurts the customers. They simply want to force customers to buy new, AND drive down the value for the original buyer. Many have called it pretty sneaky, and certainly unethical. But shows those manufacturers focus on themselves FIRST, and the customer SECOND. We want ONLY happy customers wherever and however they joined the eVo family. The customer comes first at EVO, regardless of how they joined the family as well.

Another way EVO is changing nowadays market, and giving power back to the user, so THEY are profitable. In the long run EVO has happy users, and with better long term asset vales.