What is the Best Laser Hair Removal Machine?

The permanent hair removal industry has ballooned significantly since its introduction in the 90’s. Numerous laser machine manufacturers have surfaced, all who claim to have the very best product. This makes it difficult to select one that is most suitable for you and your business. So, to answer the question in short, there is no such thing as the best hair removal machine in permanent hair removal. However, there are machines that may best tailor to your business and clientele. Some top brands include Candela, Palomar, and EVO.

When searching for a permanent laser hair removal machine, there are several factors and features that you must take under consideration. These include factors such as the skin type of your typical client, the wavelength of the machine, the type of laser, the power, the frequency, and the cooling method. Let us go through these so we can get a better understanding.

Laser Hair Removal Skin Type and Wavelength Considerations

A hair removal laser is designed to penetrate the skin in order to damage the hair follicle and make it impossible for it to grow again. There are six major skin types ranging from Skin Type I, which is very light, to type VI, which is very dark. The laser must be able to penetrate the skin in order to burn the follicle and get the desired effect. There are two types of lasers that can be used for hair removal: the Diode and Nd:YAG type lasers.

Diode type lasers have a wavelength of 810 and generally work on all skin types; however, they are more effective on lighter skin types, generally from skin type I to III. Several leading manufacturers offer Diode laser machines, including Alma, Cutera, Cynosure, Lumenis, and Syneron. In order to determine what is best for your practice, please continue reading.

Nd:YAG laser machines also work on all skin types. They have a wavelength of 1064 and are generally very effective in treating darker skin types. You can achieve results much faster on skin types IV-VI using an Nd:YAG laser. Leading manufactures such as Alma, Candela, and Cynosure, all offer permanent laser hair removal machines that use an Nd:YAG laser. Some laser systems combine different types of lasers in order to enable you to offer a broader line of services or more effective laser treatments. For example, the Cynosure Elite combines an Nd:YAG and alexandrite, which we will discuss on a later article, to cover a wider wavelength from 755 to 1064. However these are not the only things to consider.

Power, Frequency, and Cooling Method

The power emitted from the laser is also a significant factor in how effective a laser machine is. The more power, the deeper you can penetrate, but you must be careful not to excessively damage your client’s/patient’s skin, as doing so could increase downtime and delay follow-up treatments.

There are two types of frequency to consider in permanent laser hair removal treatments. The Frequency that the power will be delivered to the skin and the Frequency that follow-up treatments can be performed. We want to focus on the follow-up treatments, as not all hair follicles will be present at the time of one treatment, requiring you to do a follow-up with your patient. If the patients skin has been damaged to the point where it will increase downtime (recovery time), you must wait, which can delay results.

Cooling methods are used in order to help prevent injury and increase patient comfort during the procedure. These will vary by manufacturer, but it is important to pay attention and research what is best for your practice. Candela, for example, uses a chemical substance called Cryogen to accomplish this. The machine sprays Cryogen, which is very safe unless significantly inhaled, onto the skin prior to laser pulse to cool the skin. Alma machines use a combination of a sapphire dual chill tip and In-Motion technology. Many leading laser systems can cow also integrate a state of the art cooling system developed by Zimmer, which is the Zimmer Cryo lineup of air chiller adapters. The Zimmer Cryo 5 and 6 is an air conditioner that attaches to the laser system and delivers cold air during a procedure. An effective cooling method can increase frequency, enable the use of more power without damaging the skin and help achieve faster results.

So think about what you need in your permanent laser hair removal system and select a machine that will best fit those needs, as there is no such a thing as the best hair removal machine, but you can find a machine that best tailors to your clientele. If you need any additional help, or have any questions, feel free to call us at 866-444-8883. We know these machines very well, as we sell pre-owned machines, we service them, we carry parts (new and refurbished), and we provide preventative maintenance on all aesthetic laser equipment.

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John Mark