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Candela GentleLASE, GentleYag, GentleMax Flash Lamps kit 7121-00-7130, 9908-17-0408, 9908-02-0408



NEW flash lamps for the Candela GentleLase pro, GentleYAG pro , GentleMAX pro laser head, plus seal kit.
This package will contain 2 flash lamps and 1 complete seal kit.
These flash lamps will fit the following Candela machines:

    • GentleYag Pro
    • GentleLase
    • GentleYag
    • GentleLase Plus
    • GentleLase Mini
    • GentleYag Mini
    • GentleMax
    • Gentle pro
    • GMax pro
    • GentleLase Pro

All our Flash lamps are made is the USA


NOTE: Exercise extreme care. Cleanliness of optics is essential. Refer to

Appropriate optic handling precautions and techniques must be followed in order for
the laser to operate for its maximum lifetime. Clean powderless finger cots or gloves
must be worn when handling the GentleLASE flashlamps. The flashlamps are both
fragile and expensive. Therefore, it is important to handle them carefully. Some
additional suggestions are: keep these components in their containers until they will
be installed into the assembly. Hold them over the bench, not over the floor. If they
need to be put down, lay them on clean piece of lens tissue over a piece of foam
such as in a typical optics container.
Avoid the need to clean the optics other than by gently blowing the dust off of them
with filtered, compressed nitrogen or air. Lightly wipe with methanol, acetone, or
propanol if necessary.
1. Remove the Laser Head per the Laser Head Replacement Procedure. Place on
open flat surface.
2. There are two lamp O-ring retainer end cap plates for each flashlamp located at each
end of the laser head. These retainers are what hold the flashlamps in place.
Remove the two screws of each o-ring retainer end cap plate that secure the
flashlamps. Pay attention to component order when disassembling.
3. Remove the flashlamps from the laser head.
4. Thoroughly clean the new flashlamps so that they are free of fingerprints. Also clean
the flashlamp wires so that when the lamps are installed into the cavity channels, no
contamination occurs.
5. Install the flashlamps in the proper orientation per drawing 7121-99-6700. Install new
o-rings on each end of the flashlamps. Push the o-rings into the o-ring grooves.
Make sure that the flashlamps are evenly positioned in the pump cavity.
6. Clean and then carefully place the lamp o-ring retainer end cap plates over each end
of the lamps and fasten into place with screws.
7. Install the Laser Head on the Monolithic Laser Rail. Refer to 7121-99-6780, 7121-99-
9390 or 7122-99-3298 drawing for specific details. Be sure to tighten the screws until
the lock washers just start to compress. Do not flatten lock washers.
GentleLASE Flashlamp Replacement Procedure Candela Corporation
Page 4 of 5 PROPRIETARY 8503-01-0560, Revision C
8. Perform an alignment verification; for GL systems refer to Service Procedure 8503-
01-0610; for GL PLUS, GL 18mm and GL LE refer to Service Procedure 8503-01-
0690; for MGL refer to Service Procedures 8503-01-0825 and 8503-01-0826.

Candela Flash Lamp Information

A Candela flash lamp is generally found in the laser head of the aesthetic laser machine. The lamp creates energy to a desired or predetermined setting and then fires that energy into the other components of the laser head, such as the rod, optics, making it small enough to enter the hand unit, and then finally onto the hand instrument through additional optics which adjust the size of the laser before it contacts the treatment area. If one of these components fails, it can cause the flash lamp to stop working. It is important note that there can be absolutely no dust getting into these components, as dust can cause the laser head rod to burn, the flash lamp, flow tubes, and much more. Excessive pressure or a leak in the laser head can also cause the flash lamp to stop working. A faulty power supply or capacitor can cause electrical imbalances in your machine, which can damage or burn the flash lamp. If you notice a significant decrease in power, this can mean that the laser flash lamp is no longer efficient or effective enough and needs to be replaced. If you are unsure about which component needs repair or replacement, you can send your machine to us for a free diagnosis.

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