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Package includes the Sciton BBL Flash Lamps for your hand piece.

Replacement flash lamps for the Sciton BBL hand piece.

This hand piece requires 2 flash lamps, so we design double lamps that will fit perfectly for this hand piece.

These flash lamps are compatible with the following Sciton BBL Hand piece :

  • BBL
  • BBL’s

All of our Flash lamps are made in the USA

Sciton BBL Flash Lamp Information

A flash lamp generally is found in the laser head. The lamp creates energy to the desired setting and then fires that energy into the other components of the laser head, such as the rod, optics, making it small enough to enter the hand unit, and then finally onto the hand instrument through additional optics which adjusts the size of the laser. If one of these components fails, it can cause the flash lamp to stop working. It is important note that there can be absolutely no dust get into these components, as dust can cause the laser head rod to burn, the flash lamp, flow tubes, and much more. Excessive pressure or a leak in the laser head can also cause the flash lamp to stop working. A faulty power supply or capacitor can cause electrical imbalances in your machine, which can damage or burn the flash lamp. If you are unsure about which component needs repair or replacement, you can send your machine to us for a free diagnosis.

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