Candela  ATV Alex Trivantage

Laser Head are packaged and ready for fast delivery.
At Parts4Laser we completely rebuild your laser head or we also offer a core replacement. Parts4Laser recommends to rebuild your laser head when you get some of these symptoms:

  • When your system setting can not achieve the setting and the power you request.
  • When you hear a thumping sound or when you do not get enough speed and energy during treatment.

Our rebuilding service for the laser head will include the following procedure:


  • New flash lamps
  • New triple bore
  • New seal kit include all o-rings
  • New light blocking kit
  • New flow tubes
  • Applying and re-coating with reflective powder.
* Not including Laser Rod.
* Comes with 90 day warranty
We only use OEM parts and we will rebuild your laser head to work effectively and efficiency.
We have 2 options that can fit your needs:
  1. Swap your laser head with one of our previously rebuilt laser heads (fully tested and working).
  2. Send your laser head to us and we will rebuild it for you.


We also supply Yag and Alex laser heads and laser rods if needed.


Candela Alex Trivantage

Laser Head Information

There are several reasons why the laser head can go bad. First, a water leak in the laser head can cause pressure to build up and break the laser rod, which is a device through which the laser goes and cause the rod to crack. One singular crack can make the laser head stop working.

Secondly, there is a reason why we are adamant about the laser being in a spotless-clean environment. If there is a small spec of dust on the optics, the laser will make contact with the dust and thus gradually burn your optic until the laser has nowhere to go except backwards or sideways, which can cause additional components to break. Additionally, dust can also burn laser rod, and even the laser head. It is also important to note that the flow tubes or triple bore can be damaged from water pressure or dust.

Lastly, a Candela GentleLase Pro Laser Head can malfunction or stop working altogether because of a damaged or broken flash lamp. Please pay attention to your lamp life. If you notice your power has decreased significantly, whereby you need more treatments to achieve the same result, it may be time to change your flash lamp.

In order to extend the life of your laser machine, we recommend a preventative maintenance service on your machine every six months. This will help ensure the safety of your patients, your investment, and your business, as a broken machine can cause delays and inability to follow through on advertised services or scheduled appointments.

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