Palomar Lux 1064 nd:YAG Handpiece

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Palomar Lux 1064 nd:YAG Handpiece – Packaged and ready to ship at your request.

This Handpiece is compatible with the following machines:

  • Palomar StarLux 300
  • Palomar StarLux 500

Palomar Lux 1064 YAG Handpiece Information

The Lux 1064 is an nd:YAG laser  handpiece which offers powerful laser hair removal designed specifically for dark skin types falling under the spectrum of V and VI skin type. Additionally, this handpiece is also very good for treating blood vessels and leg veins.

Palomar Lux 1064 Details

Wavelength 1064nm nd:YAG
Spot Size 1.5 mm, 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm
Pulse Size 1-100
  • 1.5 mm: 250-700 J/cm2
  • 3 mm: 70-450 J/cm2
  • 6 mm: 16-140 J/cm2
  • 9 mm: 7-50 J/cm2


Palomar Lux 1064 Vein Treatment

The Lux 1064 YAG delivers energy which increases the temperature of the blood within the vein. The temperature increase of the blood affects the vessel wall that has caused it to collapse. Depending on the size of the vessel, it will immediately go away or will fade over time. These leg vein treatments are skin-safe and comfortable. The Lux 1064 YAG delivers its energy in one smooth, gentle pulse to protect the skin from a sharp rise in temperature which can result in unnecessary trauma to the skin. A chilled fluid supply runs through the handpiece down to the tip, helping keep the skin continually cooled throughout the treatment. According to several of our clients who use it daily, this handpiece is reliable and delivers as it promises.

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