Palomar MediLux IPL Hand Piece Flash Lamp




Package contains a replacement flash lamp for the Palomar MediLux IPL Handpiece.
This flash lamp will fit the following hand pieces:
  • Lux R
  • Lux Rs
  • Lux Y
  • Lux G
  • Lux V

Palomar Flash Lamp Information

The flash lamp for Palomar machines are generally found in the hand piece itself. The components work in harmony in order to deliver the laser or IPL from the hand piece onto the skin. The flash lamp charges the hand piece, the flow tubes provide protection for the lamp while the pump pushes water around the tube to cool the system while protecting the lamp. The laser or IPL goes through the rod and sometimes specific filters to which determines what treatments can be performed. The optics provide a clear path for the IPL or laser to reach the skin. If any of these components are broken, it can cause other components to get damaged. For example, if the flow tube is broken, this will leak water to the flash lamp and often to the entire machine. In this instance it is very likely that a new flash lamp will be needed. If dust somehow gets inside these components, it can cause burns inside the hand piece and damage numerous parts at once. Dropping the hand piece can also cause the lamp to break. Lastly, overuse can cause overheating. The water circulating gets hot, while there is a set temperature that these components can withstand before cracking, as several of them are made from glass or other breakable material. Faulty power supply or capacitor can cause electrical imbalances in your machine, which can damage or burn the flash lamp, but this is less likely, as the machine will in most instances give you a HVPS (High Voltage Power Supply) error.

Flash Lamps Found Inside A Laser Head In the Machine

Flash lamps found inside the machine with a laser head component built in the machine create energy to the desired setting and then fire that energy into the other components of the laser head, such as the rod and the optics. If one of these components fails, it can cause the flash lamp to stop working. It is important note that there can be absolutely no dust get into these components, as dust can cause the laser head rod, the flash lamp, any flow tubes, and optics to burn. Excessive pressure or a leak in the laser head can also cause the flash lamp to stop working. A faulty power supply or capacitor can cause electrical imbalances in your machine, which can damage or burn the flash lamp. If you are unsure about which component needs repair or replacement, you can send your machine to us for a free diagnosis.

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